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Visions from the Road is my writings about the many travels and experiences I’ve had. I write not only about travel, but also photography and opinion pieces from time to time.

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About Alexander

Alexander M. Clegg (b. 1999, Michigan, USA) received his Bachelors of Arts in Global Studies and Slavic Studies at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan in 2020. In undergrad he focused on Polish language, Jewish history, and immigration from Central & Eastern Europe. He is currently doing his Masters of Arts in International Security & Development at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, where he focuses on the juncture between security issues and aesthetics.

Alexander has been exhibited at the Scarab Club in Detroit, Michigan and the Sebastopol Center for the Arts in Sebastopol, California.

He was also the primary research assistant to Prof. Dominik Stecuła in the editing, construction, and publishing of the second edition of the Polish Americans Today survey, released in January 2022.

He currently lives in Kraków, Poland.

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Alexander M. Clegg
Forever Wandering the Democratic Forest || International Security & Development @ Jagiellonian University